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Reasons for the Web Site

In the main  I hope the site remains light hearted and may be a way of our extended family around the world ( Australia, South Africa, U.S.A., Turks and Caicos, Ireland,Canada)to keep in touch and see how we are getting on.
However I have included a section on Private Thomas Baird my great uncle killed during the First World War.

I should be able to update the site with photographs so that you can see what we are up to and what the weather is like here. I know our colonial relatives are convinced it always rains or is at least always cloudy here so hopefully there will be lots of sunny photos.


Favourite pastimes are: watching football ,especially Scotland when they win, .Latest thing is Hill Walking and Photography(see photos). So far Ben Nevis , Ben Lomond, Ben Arthur, Ben Ledi,Beinn Ghlas,Scaldlaw,Ben Vorlich (failed x2),Tinto not counting Loudoun Hill and Dumbarton Rock
One of my favourite pastimes used to be Genealogy but I'm better now .(LOL) .
Anyway I got it finished as far as I could but sort of went off at a tangent on the military side which was very rewarding and even had Irene and I travelling to France and Belgium.(See pages on my great uncle Thomas Baird). Presently engaged in transcribing his particular War from his Battalions War Diary. Was delighted to discover he took part in the 1914 Christmas Truce even if they did get beaten at football by the Germans.( Nothing new there then)
However if anyone wants Family History information please contact me and I'll forward your ancestral information to you.

Musical favourites are Van Morrison , The Beatles, 1960's Bob Dylan,  traditional and modern Scots and Irish Music .

FAVOURITE ALBUMS/CDs which I think you should listen to before you die;
4.THESE STREETS by PAULO NUTINI .Surprised? I think he is the new Robert Burns.
5. ANY 'BEST OF' VAN MORRISON . You can play them forever and never get bored.

Favourite Holiday spots are the Algarve inPortugal, West Coast of Ireland , especially County Mayo and County Donegal and Lake Garda in Northern Italy